• 14.04.2024
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How wonderful and precious they all are, enjoying spring and the nice weather. They are simply wonderful and irresistible Dachshunds puppies are the sweetest puppies in the world. Heidi's pups are beautiful and full of spunk dachshunds are the best dogs in the world love love love love love love Doxie mom. Beautiful puppies exploring nature and sunbathing close mum Heidi. Then playing inside. So cute. Dachshund puppies are funny and sweet. Heidi's little girls are having so much fun exploring everything in their big, new world. I love watching them having so much fun...

1 minute of cuteness with a mini dachshund
  • 13.04.2024
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Well they do like their blankets. Happy Saturday. Mac, as always, you are darling. You are a loved member of the family. Your mom knitted you your own blanket! It's great to see you this morning Mac! Wishing you, your Mum & Dad a most pleasant weekend. Mac loves his knitted blanket isn't he lucky to have such a talented Mum Sweaters hats blankets he has an extensive wardrobe to choose from Have a lovely weekend Hugs to darling Mac. So adorable! Mac is living his best life snuggling under the beautiful blanket his mom so lovingly knitted for him. Happy Saturday dear Mac mum and dad i love your new home made blanket Mac it looks so cosy and warm it was so cute to see your little paws poking out as always you are so adorable to watch so i hope you all have a wonderful weekend lots of love from me...

  • 13.04.2024
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Sweet Momma Heidi and her babies are so adorable,playful and full of energy puppies. Mum Heidi is so patient playing with them, teaching and putting order when necessary. Adorable cute doxies. Simply delightful to watch Heidi's playful puppies. Chewing each others tails seems to be the game of the day. So funny to watch the cute little dachs-girls, it's always a pleasure and makes me smile . Here in Vienna ?? it's 6:15 in the morning and thanks to cute Heidi and her adorable puppies I'm starting with a smile into the new day. Adorable, Mum close by to break up scuffles and make sure her girls are alright. You keep them so clean! I love it! The whole family is so cute, I love them so much! You can watch all day long..

Taste test with this Vacuum Mini Dachshund Inhaler.
  • 12.04.2024
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The proportions of Coco's diet will change slightly towards the end of her pregnancy. She gets extra food and Shark Vacuum Lou also eats extra food with her so this time is wonderful for her too. Coco now gets more food, less bones, more muscle meat, more organs, more eggs, carbohydrates and occasionally cottage cheese or Kefir. It seems like yesterday that Coco and her siblings were born, and now she's going to be a mom. With this good food nothing can go wrong with Coco . And Loulou is happy too. Let's see if she also takes care of Coco's offspring

Playful Mini Dachshund Puppies
  • 12.04.2024
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Happy, playful, and charming, these darling pups will be the perfect addition to your family! They are excited to meet you! Playful Mini Dachshund Puppies, Dachshund dogs are also known for their extreme dependence on their owners. This devotion can sometimes tend to be overprotective and aggressive towards other people. For this reason, Dachshund dogs must be socialized during their puppyhood. Dachshund dogs that are not socialized enough are likely to develop aggressive tendencies.

Mini dachshund plays with dog bubbles!
  • 11.04.2024
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Sweet Mac. Thanks for always making me smile and have a better day. Love you Mac. Mac, it is so much fun watching you play with the bubbles. You are soooo happy. Have a great day, little fella. If he brings you as much joy as he does me, I can only imagine how happy your days are!! Great idea. I didn't know there were special bubbles for dogs. I'm going to get some for my dog friends. Oh my goodness Mac!! You love the bubbles. You are adorable catching them️ Thank you for sharing your happiness. Oh Mac you are so funny My daughter when she was young absolutely loved bubbles toddlers dogs adults all love the magic of a floating bubble Hugs to you dear Mac

Mini dachshund plays tag!
  • 11.04.2024
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Little Mac, you are full of love, what a little character you are! Good boy! Guys, Have A Nice Weekend! Mary Rose. Mac is such a funny fella!! Running around in circles with his toy in his mouth made me laugh, It's a rainy day in NJ. I would play with Mac all day. Fetch and a nap, perfect ending. Oh Dear Mac Your condition is enviable ans at the same time Your enjoy fun and training and at the same time You inspire sometimes lazy lnternet users to a healthy life have a nice and blessed weekend to You and Your wonderful Family...

Adorable Golden Retriever and Cat Shocked by Tiny Chick [Kitty Sees Him for the First Time]
  • 11.04.2024
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Sammy is definitely a little freaked out and irritated by the chick as it’s interfering with his and Buddy’s snuggle time. Buddy actually looked as if he were reassuring Sammy that the chick was totally cool and not to worry about it! I have no doubt that all 3 of them will be cuddled up and in a major love fest by tomorrow. This little chicken is so self-confident. It wants to make friends with Buddy and especially Sammy, his natural enemy. Fortunately Sammy doesn,'t realize that he is a natural enemy They are all three really amazing

Tips for Preventing Destructive Chewing in Dachshunds
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For those wondering how to give sausage dog play training, we can say that the toys and play style chosen are important in training dogs of this breed. These dogs are hunting dogs. They tend to see their toys as prey. Their hunting needs to be rewarded. It is necessary to show them the right prey. If they can play hunting games with their toys, they will not show hunting behavior in different places.

We made a whelping box for Coco Mini Dachshund.
  • 10.04.2024
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Hi, Eveline! Fred is so talented! I approve of the blanket’s color scheme. It matches The Girls perfectly! LouLou and Coco making the box all warm and family-smelling for those babies! I'll be curious to see how Mimi likes her nieces and nephews. So Nice ,Oma and Mother are waiting of the great Day !!!! I am so happy and wait off the next Genaration .greetings from Wiesbaden. Beautiful work on Coco's whelping box Eveline and Fred! Can't wait for the birth of Coco's three precious ones! So glad Loub approves of her daughter's whelping box made with love by her Mum and Dad.

Mini dachshund picks his favorite ball
  • 09.04.2024
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Mac deserves to pick and choose his favourite ball. Always fun to see Mac having fun. This is a very serious project for Mac️ If it rolls, he's all about it!! Peanut butter loved her tennis balls . BTW, I'm home from the hospital and resting. It looks like Mac likes all of the balls. Its just too hard to pick a favorite. Let's face it Mac, you love them all!! you can't have to many balls to chase! Love the way he waits for one to be thrown. So darn cute. My dachshund's favorite toy is an old sock with a knot tied in the center.

Mini dachshund is the sweetest playmate!
  • 09.04.2024
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Mac is soo content in his world!!! Both you have given him a wonderful home filled with happiness, love, and health. Absolutely lovely! Mac, I love the wagging tail. You are such a happy pup. You make me happy also, Mac, you are such a sweetie pie! I love to see that tail wagging! Doxies are so lovable and have the sweetest personalities. Mac is very happy & sweet natured. You are kind & gentle with him & he loves you very much. You've raised him well & it shows. With everything going on in the world, a little dose of Mac does wonders to brighten things!

Cute dog that won't get off the futon.【Dachshund】
  • 08.04.2024
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Your pet is very lucky. I am a Sri Lankan. I have a pet shadow .l am create my channel with shadow .l like and l lovly so much pet shadow. That vira can tem sorte nasceu com? for luakkkk. All dogs deserve owners but not all owners deserve dogs. How are people glorifying these sick acts with your there animals this is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah great punishment is coming. Only God will know what other things they do with the little animal, there is so much descrilibidad...

Mini dachshund sleeps like a human
  • 08.04.2024
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Oh, Mac, what a wonderful life you enjoy! Snuggling under warm, soft blankets with your Mama, playing with toys is everything a little fella could dream of. Loved CV the happy, wide-eyed grin in the sunshine, and those perfect little toe pads of yours, you're so cuddle-able! Mac knows how to use that pillow! My little one slowly edges my head over to the corner of the pillow so she can stretch out and relax in style. Living the good life Mac it is very windy over here in the UK with storm Kathleen battering parts of the country have a lovely rest of your Sunday hugs to you dear Mac

Family Diary- Finally we have Spring weather. Being outside with the Mini Dachshunds.
  • 07.04.2024
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I love hearing that fuzzy choir singing at feeding times and on the way home. Doesn't Fred still smoke? I wonder how Mimi will react to the puppies. Today is a beautiful day!! May God bless your family and community with tons of 52°f sunshine and wonderful laughter. I know how much you miss spring, Eveline. It makes me happy to see you and your whole family enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Seeing Fred brush Mimi made my day. How beautiful it was sunny today, it was really windy on the south coast ??. Glad to see you're all doing well, especially Coco, bless her paws...

Mini dachshund puppy tries dog shoes for the first time ever
  • 07.04.2024
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At the beginning he was like "oh Mom, what on earth have you bought me?" but then after a few treats , all is forgiven! Love this little guy..Awww that was sad. Like when the music stopped at first sign of being in booties and left alone to his wits. Awww Glad Mac finally got comfy w them.I laughed so hard when I saw Mac walking in his boots…so cute. Great idea to use treats to coax him along. You guys are great!…really enjoy seeing Mac! Definitely brings a smile to my face :)..So cute Little Mac trying to get used to shoes He didn’t know how to walk with them on it was just hilarious He’s just so cute and adorable..

Mini dachshund does pilates!
  • 07.04.2024
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Mac, you have your own exercise mat. It's cute how you tried to play with it. You prefer your ball, don't you? Oh Mac has his very own mat although he prefers to have a chew than practice yoga Think our Mac is more into his ball skills than perfecting his yoga positions Have a lovely weekend Mac and his lovely Mum and Dad. Hoomom is staying in shape so she can keep up with Mac's energetic lifestyle that includes occasional naps. Mac no matter what we watch you do it’s adorable and this is no exception. Stay healthy little guy.

We're still here. (Update on Crusoe and Daphne)
  • 06.04.2024
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Aging is an unfortunate part of life. I'm glad Crusoe is still able to make the most of his senior years and that he has Daphne for moral support. Crusoe aging into such a distinguished elder gentleman! And Miss Daphne is still lovely with her fluffy pantaloons. So not me nearly crying in our break room over a doggie I don’t even know but love to pieces. Way to be a big help Daphne. Cru, as always I wish you speedy healing and no more curveballs!!! Hang in there little buddy. It's hell getting old. I turn 65 this year and I have to have some test run to check my heart. My heart hasn't been right lately. We don't get our beloved pets for nearly long enough. Cherish every day with them...

Mini dachshund helps make the bed
  • 05.04.2024
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Mac is such a great help around your home. The next time you tidy up the bed, Mac is going to say to you, "Papa," don't forget to leave a tunnel through the length of the bed so that I can snuggle between you and "Momsa" at night. I am laughing while I visualize Mac wearing an apron and dusting the furniture. What a great little helper! He supervises the chore so guys would be nothing but a hindrance because making the bed means they have to get up and out of it. Mac you were playing more than helping but don't think anyone cares as long as you are happy You looked so contented at the end lying soaking up the sunshine streaming through the windows Hugs to you sun lover Mac...

Family Diary- Coco has morning sickness.
  • 05.04.2024
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Your precious dogs are so beautiful. They are almost majestic. But also, just adorable and fun. And Mimi, such a joy to watch. They love their lives! Morning sickness is common in dogs, particularly around week 4 of their pregnancy and usually only lasts for a week. My doxie got it every time. I can't wait to see Coco's puppies . I don’t think I have ever seen Coco beat LouLou at eating so fast. Bless her sweet heart, cannot wait to see her babies. I hope Coco is feeling better. Please don't forget all the dogs in need of rescue and a good home. It's so sad how many there are in shelters, foster homes, the streets. We rescued our last 2 Golden Retrievers and they are such sweet dogs.

You know you live with a velcro dog when…
  • 04.04.2024
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I had a “Velcro” pup for 18 years and I loved it! Come to think of it, maybe I was the real Velcro Mom. Everyone should be so blessed to have that kind of love, whether it comes from someone with two legs or four, to cuddle up with in their life. Everything in this video is 100% true. Mini Doxies are the best snugglers and the bestest dog breed on the planet, in my humble opinion . Little Mac is a great representation of the breed. Precious! I have 9 pups, one is a very devoted velcro girl; she was surrendered by a couple who did not interact or play or cuddle with her, and since she came to own me, she's been lavished with attention and affection. She pays it back in spades!

We Go To... The NETHERLANDS!? - (Cute & Funny Wiener Dog Travel Vlog!)
  • 04.04.2024
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Best line has to be “We stopped being embarrassed a long time ago.” Love all the costumes and adventures. I saw y’all. My mum said “no we don’t meet up with strangers.” And that she was in a rush. I do love how y’all visited the Netherlands (my country! ) for the first time. It’s a great country, huh? Wonderful, wonderful vlog!!!! Netherlands looks so beautiful and the tulip fields were gorgeous!!! I thought I'd fall off my bed laughing so hard at Daphne's "Dutch" when buying some cheese (the lady selling the cheese also looked like she was going to fall over laughing too!). The houseboat you all rented was jaw-dropping.

Big news! Coco Mini Dachshund is pregnant!
  • 03.04.2024
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I’ve been following since Lou Lou was pregnant! So happy to see her baby Coco is pregnant now. Congratulations! Coco is pregnant with 3 puppies. What a wonderful news. We did notice different behavior: Bigger belly, very affectionate, tired, not running fast and vomiting. These could also be symptoms of a phantom pregnancy, but this time it was different. The puppies will come at the end of April - beginning of May so I have a lot to prepare but we are so happy. this means LouLou is gonna be a grandma!!! I love watching Loulou from the beginning I can’t believe loulou is going to be a grandma! I remember when she was pregnant with coco! Congratulations Loulou, coco and family!

  • 03.04.2024
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Bandit is unreal everytime she gives the weens treats bandit is like ‘I have the trick, give it to me first, I deserve it’. My fav things about Bandit is that his bark is so deep compared to everybody else’s… he’s like “ARRGH” when the rest are like “yip yip”..Bandit standing up has me dead each time XDDD But imagine all the weens doing the standing ovation would be just hilarious. Please do more of these clogs with the weens! This really made me smile and laugh, I love them all so much! And you are such a good mother to them...

Mini dachshund goes Easter egg hunting!
  • 02.04.2024
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Mac is an EGGtremely clever pup!! Happy Easter to all Mac's fans!! Happy Easter to you Mac, and also to your wonderful parents who bring smiles to our faces by sharing your day to days. Mac found all the eggs. Clever boy. Hope you and your family had a great easter. Happy Easter to Mac and you Wonderful parents! Mac really loves Easter Egg hunts! His tail was wagging the whole time! What a clever boy he is finding all the eggs Happy Easter to adorable Mac his Mum and Dad and all his fans

Giant Sulking Dog Hates Bath Time Throws Tantrum And Does Everything To Avoid It!! (CUTEST DOG EVER)
  • 02.04.2024
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We told you that time was coming again!! Phil never learns as he gleefully wallows in mud galore! He's so happy until he's home and has to turn left at the top of the stairs, the realisation hits! The despair is real! The dog lives for peanut butter but he pretends its not there in a desperate bid to vanish. Phil mimics a statue as he stares into the wall trying to remain hidden! He is hilarious in his characteristics I'm sure you'll agree...So things took a different turn this time. Harley (Phil's favourite person) offered to wash Phil to see if the situation could be more pleasing for him. First off she tried reasoning but it wasn't working. She tried to take a more forceful approach but Phil was adamant it wasn't happening!

Ep#13: The Dogs are HOME ALONE - then Puppy Burglar Arrives! ?
  • 02.04.2024
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I adore Daphne's voice. Didn't think these videos could get any better, but they have with Daphne. Always love you, I love how daphne was trying to get the ball at the ending. She was trying so hard but she was like “come back here ball I needs too get you. Come back here. Brave dogs protecting mom and dad's home. Crusoe you're so smart using dad's bowling ball. Another fantastic video guys, I've had mini Doxies for over forty yrs. Yes, I love them!! The two we hv now, Baxter & Ellie r dad & daughter. Currently they hv been driving us nuts!! They r 12 & 10 yrs old but can act like crazy puppies. They don't act their ages at all...

Don't Trust Your Cute Dachshund's Eyes! Funny Dogs Video Compilation!
  • 01.04.2024
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Don't let our sweet faces fool you! Adorable and funny dachshund eyes will melt your heart, but they can also be quite naughty! Enjoy this compilation of the cutest and funniest dachshunds on the internet!..Great compilation!! lovely memories of your cool vids!! Oh boys you're so cute and smart and of course your eyes melt my heart ️!! Thanks for making my day again!! and best wishes to you all, take care!

Mini dachshund tries new winter boots
  • 01.04.2024
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The best laugh I have had in long time. I love how you worked with him to familiarize him while he is enjoying the treats. Thanks for sharing. Sweet dog! Mac, you have the best Momma and Poppa ever! They carefully introduced you to the booties and worked with you so that you could get used to walking in them. You are stylin' and have it down by the time you have to go outside in them. Good job Mac's Momma and Poppa! You're an amazing little Dachshund Mac. You made me laugh when you first put on your boots but in no time, you're out & about, doing just fine. Kudos to your loving parents that take wonderful care of you...

Sleeping in a dog bed with food in front of a Golden Retriever Bailey
  • 01.04.2024
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He's like it's MY bed! Don't care who you are get off! Oh look a snack, doo doo doo doo, now back to the show, daddy get off! So adorable! I was pretty shocked that Bailey didn't go after the treat first then the bed. Bailey is Hillarious lol Yesterday, Rocky didn't try to make hooman dad get off the bed. Bailey, however, does his usual. Sweet boy. Bailey, you are playing with daddy, you don't want to take your bed away from him, how much you love each other and how much you have played together and continue to do so for a long time to come. I love you so much my Bailey, beautiful little puppy, so many memories my dear and beloved Champion Bailey.