Dachshund puppy plays with Bengal cat.
  • 17.07.2024
  • 354

Mimi is so gentle with the puppies that she doesn't take out her claws and just wants to play with them. I'm not a cat person, but Mimi could change me! Mimi's personality surprised me. Rolling onto his back to indicate no threat. This requires a lot of trust! Hello to a new and beautiful friendship. Much love to you and this community. Mimi, the Bengal cat, is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen. Dachshunds are so cute you could eat them! Mimi definitely has respect for Loulou, Coco, and the puppies. He made new friends. What a gorgeous Bengal cat...

When Cat And Dog Have Been Inseparable Since Day One ?
  • 09.07.2024
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Dogs Always Remember the Claws of Death That's Why Some Dogs Are So Afraid of Cats... This Little Dog Will Never Forget... excellent video..

The Giant Mini Dachshund
  • 08.07.2024
  • 106

I wouldn't want Mac any other way... He's perfect just the way he is! Mac, watching you is a perfect day for me, sending love and greetings to you and your mom and dad. Mac is adorable in every way! We love the hum of its little legs and the flapping of its big ears. ww yes our 10lb mini Buddy is there with Mac. There has been a huge heart in the body for a long time! Macasauras Gigantis” species are known for their size and cuteness. What a big kid you are, Mac️ Those ears are priceless. Happy day to Big Mac, mom and dad.

Taking an interest in mini dachshund's hobbies
  • 05.07.2024
  • 299

Watching Mac is almost my favorite hobby. Mac is living the beautiful life he deserves for bringing so much joy and pleasure to so many of his fans and he loves his mom and dad so much, if only all animals were treated well too it would be a better world Lots of love to you dear Mac X. This is such a beautiful pup! We love the way he crawls into the blankets for a nap with his human. Mac has so many fun hobbies and interests and he is so fun and adorable, love to little Mac.

What makes mini dachshund leave the sunshine?
  • 25.06.2024
  • 1135

Have a relaxing day! It looks like Mac is enjoying his day so far with his favorite toys and treats of course! His favorite toys and treats seem to distract him from the sun. Mac doesn't need sunlight because he is such a bright and cute dog. Mac is truly living his best life, surrounded by love and care from his wonderful mother and father ...

When dog and cat have become best friends ❤️
  • 22.06.2024
  • 397

Dogs/Cats/Pets in General are a Big Part in Keeping Many People Healthy Mentally & Physically...A Loving Relationship With a Pet Can Change Your Life...What a Privilege it is When They Want to Hang Around and Share Life With Us

How mini dachshund reacts when we hide under blankets
  • 14.06.2024
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I couldn't imagine going through life without a pet/friend/creature like this. I refuse to even entertain such thoughts. Sweet Mac is snuggled up under the blanket. Bless Mac and his family for sending these beautiful and enjoyable videos. Mac is a professional digger; nothing escapes your nose, haha! Hugs, kisses and scratches for little Mac. We loved how Mac's tail went a mile a minute when he found out who was under the blanket.

Understanding the Personality Differences Between Dachshund Sizes
  • 10.06.2024
  • 457

He gets along well with family members and the children he lives with in the same house. However, the Dachshund may display angry behavior towards strangers and children who treat him badly. Therefore, it is not known how families with young children will treat their children in the first place. Therefore, it is not a dog that is suitable for every family to choose. Dachshunds do not get along very well with pets and dogs and may become jealous of them. Therefore, if you have a second pet at home, adopting a Dachshund dog would not be the right choice. Sometimes it gets along well with pets, sometimes it can be restless and cranky and try to bite. Being aware of the character traits of the Dachshund breed, you should adopt this breed dog when you really want it and are confident in yourself.

The Special Characteristics of Dachshunds
  • 30.05.2024
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Dachshunds, also known as wiener dogs or sausage dogs, are a unique and fascinating breed known for their elongated bodies and short legs These small yet sturdy dogs have many distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other breeds In this article, we will explore the main characteristics of Dachshunds and what makes them so special One of the most obvious characteristics of Dachshunds is their long body These dogs have a stretched-out appearance with a muscular build

Golden Retriever Puppy Meets Cat for the First Time
  • 30.05.2024
  • 492

He doesn't want to hurt the kitten and the cat is patient. Both are CUTE! This is very funny! Poor kitty is trying so hard to be patient and kind. When the puppy finally stopped annoying the cat, the cat revealed "I was just pretending to ignore you" we loved this. They can be very good at teaching puppies how to behave. He is patient but maintains his boundaries. Very sweet. Like a nanny with a child. There's nothing better than a baby mom or dad, but still.

Caterpillar D25U with a Trackson shovel at work during the 2024 Chipping Steam Fair
  • 29.05.2024
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Before hydraulics became the first choice for operating front-end equipment, it was either mechanically or winch operated; This Cat D2 was seen in action in the work area at this year's spectacular Chipping Steam Expo. Once the shovel is bent, the operator must carefully lower the bucket to the ground to prepare the latch for the next load.

Dachshund puppies full of personality
  • 28.05.2024
  • 313

The Dachshund comes in three different coat types, smooth, wiry and long, and in different sizes. Despite their differences, fur colors and tones are the same. The Dachshund has three different coats: single-coloured, bi-coloured, patterned or spotted. It is usually seen with its single-coloured red, scarlet and cream fur. However, despite these color tones, there may be a whiteness under the breast. This is not a very desired color. Sometimes there are bi-colored black, dark brown, grey, light brown and tan, cream or tan markings over the eyes, chin edges, lower lip, inner corner of the ear, chest, inside and back of the front legs, paws, anus, and the first part of the tail. has.

Mini Dachshund puppies are dreaming.
  • 27.05.2024
  • 2042

The brown puppy has a lot to say and doesn't miss many meals! They're all so cute. I love the wrinkles on your legs. They are all ready to grow. How precious it is that Coco sleeps and her beautiful nursing babies sleep and dream. Coco is a wonderful mother. Coco is a very sweet and calm mother; She always makes sure her babies are comfortable and cuddly. We can't wait for the trio to open their little eyes and ears. Those little babies love their mother so much that they have neither heard nor seen her. Mother nature is beyond words. Little voices are so sweet. Coco is so comfortable because she knows she is loved and safe in a beautiful home.

Tiniest Kitten Grows Up Pouncing On Her 115-Pound Lab Brother | The Dodo Odd Couples
  • 27.05.2024
  • 650

Kitten jumping over dog is hysterical. This is the closest Pixie and Brutus adaptation we can get. A jumping cat and her laboratory. How perfect. I hope this lady knows, she lost a cat, that cat is now a dog. When I got under his tail, I started laughing so hard. Literally had the lab get a free ass cleaning Yes, little kittens have two opening and closing speeds. Thank you for taking such good care of the baby. The puppy did a great job too.

Big Diger Liebherr R9350 Loading Dumper
  • 27.05.2024
  • 987

Excavator liebher loading pumper mantap . That's the way it is with mining... all tools are great. Not everyone can understand what these guys are doing. Special skills are required. The excavator lifts the material and the dozer pushes the material back where it came from, Super large projects...

LE MONSTRE ! ? LE PREMIER XERION 12 de France à l'action ! [CLAAS Aquitaine]
  • 27.05.2024
  • 1563

With a farmer, on other land, with another larger vehicle. Damn it's great, we've heard Claas has been testing the Xerion 12 here for a year, mainly on the tracks for warm weather testing, there'll probably be very few seen in WA when it launches here for sure. Great video and xerion 12 is very interesting and well equipped And you haven't seen the new models yet, the quality of the interior has improved somewhat. Maybe a little too small in height.... 650 horsepower shouldn't be too much of a push!

Mini Dachshund puppies.
  • 24.05.2024
  • 576

Oh my god they are so cute…we weren't expecting any chocolate. What a beautiful way to celebrate this day; Coco with her 3 precious puppies! We congratulate both successes. Bella Grace, our 13 year old black and tan child, still sleeps with the tip of her tongue showing, Cuteness OVERLOADED! I can't tell you how happy we are that Coco and the puppies are doing well!

Wire-haired dachshund miniature .(Такса жесткошерстная миниатюрная)
  • 23.05.2024
  • 314

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the standard long-haired Dachshund can go after anything: The breed's small body, which has a place in the greyhound group, is very popular. You may be wondering how such a small dog can catch things. However, Dachshunds were specifically bred to small sizes to accompany hunters and scour narrow areas of land, finding badgers and many other small animals.

Keystone Mine - Komatsu Dozer
  • 22.05.2024
  • 664

There was a mining company in West Virginia that owned and operated 8 of these huge Komatsu dozers. We have a book showing 2 of these d575a units running side by side and being pushed downhill. In total, they dosed about 180 cubic meters of rock and soil. We have to think about the diesel fuel cost of eight of these giant dozers working 10-hour shifts, 5 or 6 days a week. These machines were so good that they were discontinued a decade ago after Komatsu sold only 30 units in two decades.

Fully Automated Planting of Brussels Sprouts w/ 6-row TTS Transplanter
  • 21.05.2024
  • 738

Everyone loves Brussels sprouts, especially stir-fries with roasted potatoes. It's a great piece of kit. The most popular and recommended vegetable in the world. But it was erected by the world's most fascinating equipment. Really good shots, we really like how you show so much detail. The way they transport the machine to the fields is so clever, If you compare this to an old video of a manual planter, this one looks much more efficient.

How Caterpillar Went From A Local Company To A Billion Dollar Business
  • 20.05.2024
  • 336

We were in the Bay Area, just a few miles from the Caterpillar plant in San Leandro, CA. Only as I grew older did I realize that this was an industrial and valuable treasure. For several years I went to work for Wortham in Cheyenne and Casper, Peterson in Ca, McCoy in Denver, Wyoming Equipment in Cheyenne Beat, and Holt's head men in Stockton. It's always a great place to work. CAT is always reliable, you can trust it! It's hard and ready!

Mini dachshund strut!
  • 20.05.2024
  • 361

The cute and sweet little face coming out from under the blanket. It's nice to enjoy a good walk. Match. The weather was also very nice and it was a nice walk. Handsome Mac, balanced. You walk with your own unique gait and self-confidence. He is a good, beautiful and cute little walker! Mac De We highly recommend wearing your "MD" hat when you're out and about as this makes it a great and real STRUT, We hope it won't take Mac long to lose that pound and he's having a great time on his walk.

Mini dachshund gets tricked
  • 18.05.2024
  • 431

Mac is adorable as always! My day is not complete until I see him in one of his videos. Thank you for sharing it with your many fans and letting us watch it! My sweet little darling!! We enjoy throwing snowballs at Fred, my dachshund! Never found them but we enjoyed trying them! This is a beautiful, cheerful and heartwarming video. There's nothing like stretching little legs and then taking a nap.

155 Top Grade Modern Agriculture Machines at Another Level
  • 17.05.2024
  • 377

These inventions are a testament to human creativity and our ability to overcome challenges through innovation and collaboration. When you watch this video, it is clear that technology has revolutionized every aspect of the agricultural sector, from seed to table. It can be inspiring to see how machines enable farmers to achieve greater efficiency and productivity while minimizing their environmental footprint. Modern tools not only increase agricultural productivity; they also increase the resilience and adaptability of agricultural systems around the world.

Isabella Mini Dachshund Clip
  • 16.05.2024
  • 2051

We had a mini for less than 10 years and about halfway through we got a mix/mini. These two were food mafia. Cheese tax was imposed. "Look, we don't want to hurt you." Boing boing look and all. We train them in the best way possible. With big eyes and erect ears, these bundles of love look like the ringleaders. Dachshund siblings love to be rough as much as their human siblings. Your doxies are beautiful!

Old School Disking!! + Rolling Soybeans!
  • 16.05.2024
  • 845

Traction kings are amazing. Everyone wants to run the 2470. Our farming king is just as slow. 14mph but barely pulling. It would make sense to buy the new model. Today I go to the other farm where it's dry enough to plant and they start digging the field with the good old CASE 2870. We can also shred corn stalks with the Case IH magnum 290 and Brillion roller! It's a pretty fun job.

The 9 Most Amazing Heavy Equipment Machines in the World
  • 15.05.2024
  • 228

Each is a testament to human creativity and innovation that turns challenging tasks into smooth operations. Witness how they build our world, nourish our lands, and bring order to chaos. Whether making recycling easier or redefining forestry operations, these machines are pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Expect a mix of entertainment and education in our unique style. This is not just a video, it is an adventure into the heart of engineering marvels.

Poor Cat Can't Sleep Because of Annoying Golden Retriever [Try Not To Laugh]
  • 14.05.2024
  • 1151

They are both so beautiful that it warms your heart to see happy animals. Buddy wants to play with the kitten, but the kitten wants to sleep... They're so cute, the Retriever acts like he's a little squishy in some way... but he's really not like that at all. He wants to cuddle and have the cat take care of him. How tenderly he gnaws the cat's paws and the cat's lips! Buddy and Sammy really love each other great...

Dachshund gave birth to 8 cute puppies
  • 12.05.2024
  • 2519

If you are wondering whether to bathe a puppy, our answer is yes; But you should wait for it to be at least 2-3 months old. The steps for bathing a puppy are almost the same as for an adult dog; However, it is necessary to be much more careful as the fry are much more sensitive and have just been introduced to water.

Sugar beet harvest 2024 drone footage from above
  • 11.05.2024
  • 345

It makes one proud to think how amazing it is to produce calories from the sun with clever ideas. They did a good job of giving some scale and context. Young people in schools should be shown videos like this to help them understand where their food comes from and I'm sure it will also increase their interest in farming and engineering. Some of these machines are very smart and very useful.