Dachshund puppies try raw meat.
  • 30.11.2023
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They still look like they are clearly trying to breastfeed to begin with. They're all still very calm. Oh, it was so sweet of them to finally eat that duck meat. Look at these puppies who love raw meat. I love watching them eat. Loulou looks good and is enjoying her playful babes. I really needed such a happy, peaceful video. My youngest daughter passed away suddenly and my heart is so sad. He loved Dachshunds and spent hours playing with them. She was only 49 years old. Thanks for sharing Eveline. You brought happiness to my life I love watching LL and her pups! I love seeing puppies huddled together, sleeping, and trying to eat each other. Loulou seems to be doing better.

Traktoriáda Horní Újezd 2023 / Tractors Show
  • 29.11.2023
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Looks like great fun need this in Australia. Why does everyone run such high tyre pressure in the mud Excellents pilotes qui savent bien préparer leurs tracteurs a rouler dans la boue, pneus basse pression et Lestage, très bien vu, bravo. This would be great to do rescues in flooded areas with little to no water current. Maybe a better propulsion system for moving when there are currents. "Finland has thousands of lakes and, in the wintertime, we make roads on the ice by cleaning the snow to replace ferry connections," says one of the company's designers. "Our innovation will increase safety because if the ice breaks, the tractor will float." In addition, many farmers have fields on several sides of rivers and small bodies of water. No need for bridges and so on.

Golden Retriever Dad Meets His Puppies for the First Time
  • 29.11.2023
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It's so heartwarming to see her kindness and curiosity as her tail wags with excitement the whole time, they're amazing. My father was both nervous and cautious as he decided whether to enter the cage. He had never seen anything like it and thought: "Oh, there are so many of them, will they attack me?" Kind and curious. This is so beautiful, so calm around babies. You can tell he knows they're his babies and he's being very nice and isn't overly excited about them, but his tail is wagging! What a good father. If I spend an afternoon with these beautiful dogs I can eliminate years of stress!!! My heart just melts.

Mining Gone Wrong | Fails Compilation
  • 29.11.2023
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I work coal mines se bc 1980-88 at fording coal we have some wreck due most fall sleep on job yup.the most problems was heavy rain or snow due we work in huge mountains.i caught once snow slide when I drive down to shop very scary.the road close 2 days yup.fort mcmurray I work off on 30 years most pipeline yes they share wreck too the worst was syncrude rock truck hit pipe and belt ripp apart this was huge mess same shell muskeg river.suncor most small vehicle get too close on blind side.the slide hit Utah mine many years ago wreck lots on bottom this was talk at union some flew look at it very messy.thanks video.

Incredible Big Bulldozer stuck in deep sand - pull out deep stuck and Recovery by excavator & dozer
  • 28.11.2023
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Presumably, the engine stopped and the hydraulic drive offered an infinite mechanical advantage hence the wheels, were locked. The piling of sand at the front, the suction of mud underneath, and at the back, and the shearing of the sand granules under the locked tracks caused all we saw in the video. I would have used skids. Two large flat plates slid under those embossed gripper tacks and pulled in synchronization with the unit would have solved the problem much quicker. When launching and pulling up my boat on certain terrain it is much better to use large long skids on my trailer as they average the height of the gravel/stones in question.

Little update ?
  • 28.11.2023
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The puppy with the white on his face will be quite interesting as he matures, very striking. A great Mom and adorable pups! There's nothing better than a litter of cute little Wieners! Thanx for making my day The expressions of Heidi are all the money, what a mommy she is,these eyes show the good nature of her soul. When my little doxie was that small, they remind me of little bear cubs. Omg what sweet tiny angels.. what a sweetheart and such a good mom.. she and her little hotdogs are absolutely adorable.

Schwarm von Golden Retriever Welpen
  • 27.11.2023
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Puppies playing. This video is a few years old. I still had it “in the drawer”. And before it gathers dust there - here it is. I know that many people have something against dog breeding. It wasn't my breeding either, I was there and helped. Oh my God they are very happy with their mother. I can't bear the pain even if single puppy is taken away from their mother. At first I thought! My god it's a puppy mill. But the dogs are happy, well cared for, in good weight, in a great scene, in mom's can come and go, and I'd love to be right in the middle of the pack and play with them. And there is a huge demand, I mean need, for such wonderful companions. They will all get good homes I'm sure.

Red Bull Hare Scramble 2023 #erzbergrodeo #harescramble #dankekoal
  • 27.11.2023
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This is one of the coolest races I have ever seen. It has everything. Amazingbunch of riders. I almost believed I could have done the mine part but once they got in the rocks, spectating time. I watch this every year. And every year I think…I could do that. Then i go ride some single track and eat shit on a coupe of small rocks. These guys are amazing This track is at least 6 or 9 times larger than the normal tracks. Uncle Ron would be 69%f aster on the screaming eagle.

Panzer gegen K700 ? tauziehen Dargun 2019
  • 25.11.2023
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The tank is being trialled against Martin's K700 from KfL Damm. Then a knock occurs in the tank's drive or gearbox. Which one do you think is stronger? Comparisons like this are very interesting and enjoyable. All safety precautions must also be taken.

Finishing crushing rock
  • 25.11.2023
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This young man is inspiring and motivational. I have watched him work and grow over the last several years. There is NO ONE on YT that works harder and is more dedicated to their dreams. Andrew from a 72 year old still working I give you my highest compliments and commendation for your work ethic, how you love and care for the sweet puppies Blue and Cody and how kind you are to others around you. I am delighted for your continued success and wish you the very best. Three hours of what Andrew does best; Identifying problems and finding solutions. Gotta love Sam's attitude. She doesn't complain about being cold or wet, or working in awkward positions, takes the job seriously and is eager to learn, yet stops to look at a pretty rock or kiss a frog. She's a gem.

Watch: How Giant Bulldozers And Anchor Chains WIPE OUT Our Landscape! Can We STOP This?
  • 24.11.2023
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If you’re looking for modern yet powerful machines, you’re in the right place. Everyone of our videos showcase amazing machines operating on another level. These ingenious machines feature modern technology that has transformed agriculture, mining, construction equipment and the manufacturing process, in incredible ways that make for oddly satisfying videos. If you want powerful machines that are on another level entirely then look no further. Some of the biggest machines in the world are featured on this channel. It’s the perfect blend of modern technology and heavy equipment. Whether your interest is in monster trucks, ingenious inventions, mining equipment or heavy machinery, we’ve got you covered. These are the most powerful and ingenious machines in their class. Incredible machine(s) such as; dozer(s), crawler(s), lowbed(s), truck(s), forestry machines, logging machines, dumptruck(s) and digger(s). These are extreme machines leveraging the best engineering, tools and technology. We are talking the most powerful machines that are at / on another level. Amazing powerful machine(s) that will cause your heart to skip a beat. Mammoth size, extreme power and zero mercy. These are the most powerful machine(s) that are at another level.

Mini dachshund's begging techniques
  • 24.11.2023
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Mac is a miniature sausage dog (doxie, teckel, dackel) living in Montreal. Adorable little Mac has great manners and a gorgeous side eye! It is very difficult to resist, especially when he keeps his paw up. The Dachshund's eyes are so irresistible that they make you feel like a complete bastard who doesn't reciprocate with treats. These little dogs are as cute as can be. Oh Mac, you are so cute with your different begging techniques! We can't resist giving you little treats.

Oh that's bad... ??‍♂️
  • 24.11.2023
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Reminds me of the days before straps when we used chains, wire ropes and pulley blocks to get cane harvesting equipment out of a bog. At times we would have to tow the haulout equipment besides the harvester. Remember one day a chain broke and came back at the driver missing him by inches. After that we often put a tyre on one end to act as a shock absorber. Worked well. Back up down over there when I was farmer we had a quarter of the size of equipment. Probably half the size of the fields to Sunny. You built yourself quite an empire their kid. Keep your family close. It’s good to see this day and age everybody working together like they should. Unfortunately Junior, this is getting more and more obsolete. well, hell. Way to use your head kid. God bless you and yours.

Unloading a brand new CAT 988 ( long version )
  • 24.11.2023
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This guy definitely knows how to use this gear, it's great to "WATCH" a pro doing the job, no bs, no storytelling, no stupid music, just methodical, systematic getting the job done, smart work. These are very wonderfully engineered heavy transport units and kudos to those who operate and maintain them, well done. Great video…. The loader in the background is an International Harvester 560 Wheel Loader, notable for its white cab assembly and engine cover. Before International this loader was known as Hough Loaders, later International acquired Hough, then after Komatsu International destroyed what was left of the Harvester, Dresser Industries purchased the remaining parts of International.