Traktoriáda Horní Újezd 2023 / Tractors Show
  • 29.11.2023
  • 84

Looks like great fun need this in Australia. Why does everyone run such high tyre pressure in the mud Excellents pilotes qui savent bien préparer leurs tracteurs a rouler dans la boue, pneus basse pression et Lestage, très bien vu, bravo. This would be great to do rescues in flooded areas with little to no water current. Maybe a better propulsion system for moving when there are currents. "Finland has thousands of lakes and, in the wintertime, we make roads on the ice by cleaning the snow to replace ferry connections," says one of the company's designers. "Our innovation will increase safety because if the ice breaks, the tractor will float." In addition, many farmers have fields on several sides of rivers and small bodies of water. No need for bridges and so on.

Oh that's bad... ??‍♂️
  • 24.11.2023
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Reminds me of the days before straps when we used chains, wire ropes and pulley blocks to get cane harvesting equipment out of a bog. At times we would have to tow the haulout equipment besides the harvester. Remember one day a chain broke and came back at the driver missing him by inches. After that we often put a tyre on one end to act as a shock absorber. Worked well. Back up down over there when I was farmer we had a quarter of the size of equipment. Probably half the size of the fields to Sunny. You built yourself quite an empire their kid. Keep your family close. It’s good to see this day and age everybody working together like they should. Unfortunately Junior, this is getting more and more obsolete. well, hell. Way to use your head kid. God bless you and yours.

Best of Tractors Tug of War
  • 22.11.2023
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The real winner here is the company who makes the straps because that's a whole lotta power tugging on both ends of it. Also goes to show how grip can dictate everything in these scenarios because I know the SUVs that have beaten the tractors in these video clip will not pull a one or two bottom plow 5 to 8in through the soil.

Pampa Bulldog hat sich festgefahren 10. Gloeikoppers Weekend
  • 20.11.2023
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At the Gloeikoppers Weekend on April 30, 2022, a Pampa Bulldog got stuck in the transport ring. With around 300 participants, this is the largest Glow Cup meeting in Europe. Various brands will be represented, such as Lanz/Ursus/Vierzon/Pampa/HSCS/Le Percheron/Landini/KL Bulldog/BM Munktell/and Mac Donald. If you liked my video, please subscribe and hit like ?! Thank you!

Amazing Unusual Machinery That You Probably Did Not Know ▶ Custom Motor Grader
  • 19.11.2023
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Thank you to Gear Tech HD for all their different videos on the different specialty vehicles being produced. I didn't know they existed. That thing doesn't know whether it's a John Deere, a Kubota, or a dune buggy. He is experiencing an identity crisis. You should put a Caterpillar logo there. Turn this into suicide. The new vehicles are great.

FENDT IDEAL 10T + 939 Vario bei der Maisernte 2023/ Corn Harvest 23
  • 15.11.2023
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A very nice video. Thank you for showing and taking it with you. Greetings from Dirk from OWL. Harvesting in the field is very well planned and equipped with machines. On the other hand, storage on company premises seems quite improvised and quite inefficient. My friend bought one of those black monsters. Apparently a lot of money is being passed along with the installer.....and we'd like to know why it's being thrown out.

  • 10.11.2023
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I've taken tractors like this, I'll tell you how: Using a hoe, remove all the excess soil from the front of the tires, leaving the path flat and filling it with stones to give the wheels a trace, this way it comes out quickly. Here in MATO GROSSO, this is how we do it. I think this daily struggle of farmers is beautiful and that it is not easy, hard-working people who make their glorious work a healthy adventure that is often involuntary, as is the case we are witnessing, bogging down the tractors but they are people experienced in working the fields, Congratulations to those of you who struggle daily in planting food, seeds and raising livestock.

?? XL PLOUGHING in France - Twin Wheels Fendt 933 + Lemken 12 furrow
  • 08.11.2023
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A rare plowing unit of its kind in the Landes sands composed of a Fendt Vario 933 in full twinning accompanied by its 12-furrow Lemken Eurotitan plow! Good viewing ! Share with your friends! MATERIAL : - Lumix GH5 -DJI Phantom 4 Pro -GoPro Hero 6

Incredible Machines Operating at an INSANE Level
  • 03.11.2023
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Witness the evolution of farming with "Revolution in Agriculture - A Selection of the Most Successful Agricultural Machinery". This compilation showcases the transformative impact of agricultural machinery by presenting a selected series of the most successful innovations in the field. Immerse yourself in the world of cutting-edge farming solutions as these agricultural machines redefine the landscape of modern agriculture. Join us on this enlightening journey through a must-watch collection for those passionate about the future of agricultural technology, showcasing the power and advancement of agricultural machinery!

100 Most Satisfying Agriculture Machines and Ingenious Tools ▶ 10
  • 27.10.2023
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Indulge in the ultimate satisfaction with the "100 Most Satisfying Agricultural Machines and Ingenious Tools" video. Experience the sheer delight of watching these agricultural machines in action as they perform their tasks with unmatched precision and efficiency. From advanced tractors to cutting-edge harvesters and intricate irrigation systems, these agricultural machines redefine the art of farming. Join us on this captivating journey through the world of agricultural machines that are sure to leave you thoroughly satisfied. Don't miss this incredible showcase of 100 agriculture machines demonstrating the finesse and mastery of modern farming techniques.

TOP 10 Modern Farm Agricultural Machines And Harvesters That Are At Another Level
  • 25.10.2023
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Our modern agriculture technology bridges the gap between the agriculture farmer and agriculture farming itself. Whether your interest is in regenerative agriculture, sustainable agriculture or simply cool and powerful agriculture machines, we’ve got you covered. Every farm is interested in sustainable farming these days and the modern agriculture machine has evolved over the years. Farming technology has an impressive array of machines these days. Agricultural machinery includes; harvester(s), heavy machinery, modern technology for harvesting, tractor(s) and literally everything else a modern day farmer needs. The who’s who of farmers machines are featured on our popular channel. Everything from the ever popular harvesting machine to powerful machine(s) that make light work of regenerative farming, organic growing, indigenous farming and seed farming.

Oldtimer Hakseldag Dalen | Classic Maize Spectacle 2023
  • 24.10.2023
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The annual Dutch 'Old Time Hakseldag Dalen' event (Old Time chopping day Dalen) took place once again in the province of Drenthe. Many classic self-propelled combines from brands such as Farmhand, Avco New Idea, John Deere, Hesston, New Holland and Mengele could be seen in action. A large number of mounted machines and some trailed combine harvesters were also in operation. Of course, many classic tractors were used to transport the crop to the 2 clamps. The fields were a bit treacherous in some places resulting in tractors and equipment getting stuck, much to the amusement of the drivers and the public! Watch out for those images...

16 plowhshare ! FENDT 824 and NEW HOLLAND T7.270 - PLOWING
  • 24.10.2023
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Today you are viewing a construction site consisting of a NEW HOLLAND T7 270 tractor with Pierre-Yves and a FENDT 824 with Batistin. They are plowing with the same set: KVERNELAND 3-furrow front plow and a KVERNELAND 5-furrow rear plow. ZWEI TRAKTOREN zu pflügen und ain Fendt 824 New Holland T7.270. Mit Pflügen vorne und hinten Kernland! Dwa ciągniki do pługa, a 824 Fendt New Holland T7.270. Z przednimi i tylnymi pługów Kverneland! TWO AGRICULTURAL TRACTORS TO BE LABORED, A FENDT 824 AND A NEW HOLLAND T7.270. With front and rear kverneland plows! IKİ TRAKTÖRLER pulluk, VE Fendt 824 New Holland T7.270 İÇİN. Ön Pulluk ve arka Kverneland island! Back tractors to rear, Y UN Fendt 824 New Holland T7.270. With Kverneland Aradoes, we delanteros and traseros! Due to rare settings, E UN Fendt 824 New Holland T7.270. With previous times and later times, kverneland!

CLAAS LEXION 770TT bei der Körnermais-Ernte / Abfahrer JOHN DEERE 6930 mit ÜW / OSTERS & VOß / 4K
  • 23.10.2023
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These machines are an indispensable part of humans, helping to make harvesting faster than ever. That's all right, let's see Emilio Schmidt. Hi steven.schon im drusch!?dersieht noch so garnich nach taback auß.maisdrusch findest nich überall.hier noch am häckseln. Good footage but could you please loose the music