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How wonderful and precious they all are, enjoying spring and the nice weather. They are simply wonderful and irresistible Dachshunds puppies are the sweetest puppies in the world. Heidi's pups are beautiful and full of spunk dachshunds are the best dogs in the world love love love love love love Doxie mom. Beautiful puppies exploring nature and sunbathing close mum Heidi. Then playing inside. So cute. Dachshund puppies are funny and sweet. Heidi's little girls are having so much fun exploring everything in their big, new world. I love watching them having so much fun...

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Farm Rescue’s mission is to help farmers and ranchers who have experienced a major illness, injury or natural disaster by providing the necessary equipment and volunteer workforce to plant, hay or harvest their crop. Livestock feeding assistance is also available to ranchers. I farm in south central ND with my dad. He got sick in early 2020 (cancer) and Farm Rescue helped us out with spring planting. Big shout out to them they are the real deal. So glad everyone was safe and took the proper precautions. Bill Gross, now there's a man. To come up with the idea of Farm Rescue then to see it through to the wonderful organisation that it is, wow. The man, and all those who give their time and equipment so freely, you are the true Hero's.

Brads Bogged the D11 Again! | Recovery | CAT D11 | Vlog 264
  • 14.04.2024
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First bloke in history to say “buzz around” in a D11…. Gold, Always good to hear a man willing to say where his help comes from! On ya Brad! If anything stops the D11, JD will come to the rescue... great video guys!! Thats what i like about you all, nothing gets sugar coated.... we get to see the good and the bad!! It just wouldn’t be a D11 episode without Brad getting stuck in the mud! Brad you and soft spots are great friends, You seem to bump into each other quite often. Hi guys, good video again, great to see Brad showing his d11 issues and getting bailed out by tj and the dumper, keep them coming...

1 minute of cuteness with a mini dachshund
  • 13.04.2024
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Well they do like their blankets. Happy Saturday. Mac, as always, you are darling. You are a loved member of the family. Your mom knitted you your own blanket! It's great to see you this morning Mac! Wishing you, your Mum & Dad a most pleasant weekend. Mac loves his knitted blanket isn't he lucky to have such a talented Mum Sweaters hats blankets he has an extensive wardrobe to choose from Have a lovely weekend Hugs to darling Mac. So adorable! Mac is living his best life snuggling under the beautiful blanket his mom so lovingly knitted for him. Happy Saturday dear Mac mum and dad i love your new home made blanket Mac it looks so cosy and warm it was so cute to see your little paws poking out as always you are so adorable to watch so i hope you all have a wonderful weekend lots of love from me...

3 tractor Pulling together Mahindra Arjun NOVO 605 di 4wd Stuck in Mud |Eicher 485 | New Hollad 5500
  • 13.04.2024
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Brother new holland 3630 ko battameezi he said the band is going on. I found out at the beginning of the video that if you watch it completely, you will be fined. When you find out that the road is bad then what is the speed of four wheel starting? Hey Pramod Bhai I have a small request from you please buy New Holland 5620 4WD. I'm coming, but I'll find out later when the tractor will be serviced. No newholland was running, it was using it, it also has a gear named kinlow gear, why brother, why are you driving your tractor in such a high state, you have never pulled a tractor in high, altitude, the tractor is being driven but it is not using low gear now, please refer to the app.

Big D11 Bulldozer Digs A BIG Hole!!
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This is why The Jackson Brothers is one of the best channels on YT All i see is two brothers playing with their Tonka toys in the sandpit. I appreciate the video. I especially like that you let the sound of the D11N play, no music or excessive commentary. What an awesome piece of equipment and a great operator. Great job Phil it’s nice to watch a brilliant operator in action and you didn’t do a bad job on the camera Matt , enjoy your hole cheers guys Didn't appreciate the size of the hole till Phil walked to the bottom of it. Then its OMG that's enormous...

How They Build the World's Biggest Trucks in Japan
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Japanese industries and machinaries are one of the best in the world. Amazing work, radiators keep engines at optimum temperatures. When business meets engineering, FRAME is your new source of information. From designing, Prototyping, building, or even destroying, our daily life is surrounded by processes of all kinds, each more interesting than the next. In our videos, you will find: -Explanation and infographics of how things are built, from the most simple pencil to the most complex digging machine. - Stories behind the world's most successful companies -Analysis of future trends in the world of industry, exclusive interviews with industrial specialists, and many more ! We publish four videos a week. Make sure to subscribe to the FRAME YouTube channel to catch us on our next episode.

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Sweet Momma Heidi and her babies are so adorable,playful and full of energy puppies. Mum Heidi is so patient playing with them, teaching and putting order when necessary. Adorable cute doxies. Simply delightful to watch Heidi's playful puppies. Chewing each others tails seems to be the game of the day. So funny to watch the cute little dachs-girls, it's always a pleasure and makes me smile . Here in Vienna ?? it's 6:15 in the morning and thanks to cute Heidi and her adorable puppies I'm starting with a smile into the new day. Adorable, Mum close by to break up scuffles and make sure her girls are alright. You keep them so clean! I love it! The whole family is so cute, I love them so much! You can watch all day long..

New 715 Horsepower Case IH Quadtrac Tractor Arrives At The Farm Season 5 Episode 3
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Congratulations on getting the 715. You have to be one of the first to take delivery. Can’t wait to see it in the field!! Have a great week. Justin and Roman are perfect for your remodel project! That ditching really was satisfying to watch it work moving the water. Really like the 715 even if it is red lol.. Good to see George back. Awesome seeing that gorgeous 715 on the channel… so much looking forward to seeing the big dog in action Glad to have George back home, too, look at that.. I figured you be getting the 715. Sure is a nice tractor, those lights are over the top. Excited to see that girl do some pulling...

Taste test with this Vacuum Mini Dachshund Inhaler.
  • 12.04.2024
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The proportions of Coco's diet will change slightly towards the end of her pregnancy. She gets extra food and Shark Vacuum Lou also eats extra food with her so this time is wonderful for her too. Coco now gets more food, less bones, more muscle meat, more organs, more eggs, carbohydrates and occasionally cottage cheese or Kefir. It seems like yesterday that Coco and her siblings were born, and now she's going to be a mom. With this good food nothing can go wrong with Coco . And Loulou is happy too. Let's see if she also takes care of Coco's offspring

24 Row JOHN DEERE 1775 NT Corn Planter
  • 12.04.2024
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In this video, Big Tractor Power goes out in the field with the JOHN DEERE 1775NT 24 Row Corn Planter powered by a 440 hp JOHN DEERE 9R 440 tractor. During the videos, viewers will climb into the tractor cab and see the sights and sounds of corn planting in Western Kentucky. Viewers learn about 130 bu's. Production history and features of 1775NT corn planter.

KOMATSU D575A: The King of Construction and Mining Sites
  • 12.04.2024
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The Komatsu D575A is a powerhouse in the realm of bulldozers, renowned for its robust performance and unparalleled capabilities. At the heart of this behemoth lies its formidable engine, churning out an impressive 1150 horsepower. This immense power propels the D575A through the toughest terrains with ease, making it a formidable force in any construction or mining operation. Weighing in at a staggering 287,000 pounds (130,000 kilograms), the D575A is a true heavyweight in its class. This substantial operating weight ensures stability and traction, allowing the bulldozer to tackle heavy-duty tasks with precision and efficiency. Despite its hefty build, the D575A maneuvers with agility and grace, thanks to its advanced engineering and ergonomic design. Equipped with a massive blade, the D575A boasts a generous capacity of 90 cubic yards (68.8 cubic meters). This mammoth blade enables the bulldozer to move vast quantities of earth and debris in a single pass, streamlining the excavation and leveling process. Whether clearing land for construction projects or shaping terrain in mining operations, the D575A's impressive blade capacity delivers unmatched productivity and performance. The Komatsu D575A stands as a formidable titan in the world of bulldozers and setting the standard for power, efficiency, and versatility. Whether tackling large-scale earthmoving projects or navigating challenging terrain, the D575A rises to the occasion, proving itself as an indispensable asset in any heavy-duty operation.

Playful Mini Dachshund Puppies
  • 12.04.2024
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Happy, playful, and charming, these darling pups will be the perfect addition to your family! They are excited to meet you! Playful Mini Dachshund Puppies, Dachshund dogs are also known for their extreme dependence on their owners. This devotion can sometimes tend to be overprotective and aggressive towards other people. For this reason, Dachshund dogs must be socialized during their puppyhood. Dachshund dogs that are not socialized enough are likely to develop aggressive tendencies.

Introducing the all new S7 Combine | John Deere
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The sleek, new lines. A grain-eating heart. The rugged John Deere dependability you expect. Welcome to the all-new S7 Combines. We gave it more comfort – with the same cab that’s on the legendary X9. We packed it with smart guidance and automation tools to increase productivity and decrease stress. And we gave it improved grain loss sensing and an improved residue management system to handle any crop, from corn and soybeans to small grains. Together, it all adds up to the most advanced, comfortable, and capable S7 Combine ever built.

D11R Pushes Massive Rock
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You spend the whole day operating that monster, pushing around rocks like that one and then when you get home, your wife wants to to do the dishes! U could tell that it is quite old from the rattling and shrieking sounds and yet look at it's display of such enormous power - I was comparing the size of the rocks to the operator in the dozer. Nice. Reminds me of when I use to live in Colorado. It was 1978 and road construction was going on as I made my way up to Estes Park. A dry river bed next to this road had a bulldozer in it pushing a boulder at least 20 times the size of the one in this video. The bulldozer was so big it had a long climbing ladder to get to the operators cab and every time the boulder would flop on it side as it rolled along, I could feel the shaking on the road and hear the rumble. Too damn bad I had no way to film it. The rock was as big as my 2 story house!! Couldn't help but stare at the awesome scene. The bulldozer was not even working heavily. The boulder was mostly round, that helped.

Fendt 939 Vario Gets Totally Stuck in The Mud During Maize / Corn Chopping | Häckseln 2017
  • 11.04.2024
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It's indeed quite a unique sight! Waiting for the ground to firm up or freeze can have its advantages, including drier corn, which can be beneficial for harvesting and storage. Nature's timing often plays a role in farming decisions, and it's fascinating to consider how different conditions can impact the process. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! In those conditions its a good thing this spreader cos have big tires and its leslike to go in the ground but everything has own limits.good job guys. Dear people in the comments, the corn is for feeding the cows when its wintertime and they cant stand outside. Why do you even bother trying to chop in these conditions Everything that happened here was both expected and preventable

Mini dachshund plays with dog bubbles!
  • 11.04.2024
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Sweet Mac. Thanks for always making me smile and have a better day. Love you Mac. Mac, it is so much fun watching you play with the bubbles. You are soooo happy. Have a great day, little fella. If he brings you as much joy as he does me, I can only imagine how happy your days are!! Great idea. I didn't know there were special bubbles for dogs. I'm going to get some for my dog friends. Oh my goodness Mac!! You love the bubbles. You are adorable catching them️ Thank you for sharing your happiness. Oh Mac you are so funny My daughter when she was young absolutely loved bubbles toddlers dogs adults all love the magic of a floating bubble Hugs to you dear Mac

The Most Difficult Job Done by The Dozer - CAT D7R Break Down The Trees
  • 11.04.2024
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The Most Difficult Job Done by The Dozer - CAT D7R Break Down The Trees. Why this work is difficult because the dozer cannot push arbitrarily, because it can cause damage to the function of the dozer blade area, so the operator must be really capable of doing it. Here is the video of the most difficult job done by the dozer. Hope you enjoy the video don't forget to subscribe and leave a positive comment. People think nothing can resist a bulldozer. I have a D4C on my Texas ranch. Much smaller that your machine but still a very good ranch machine. It takes work to clear larger trees. Digging around them, building up soil to get better leverage, and then the cleanup. Even smaller thick brush is difficult.

Mini dachshund plays tag!
  • 11.04.2024
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Little Mac, you are full of love, what a little character you are! Good boy! Guys, Have A Nice Weekend! Mary Rose. Mac is such a funny fella!! Running around in circles with his toy in his mouth made me laugh, It's a rainy day in NJ. I would play with Mac all day. Fetch and a nap, perfect ending. Oh Dear Mac Your condition is enviable ans at the same time Your enjoy fun and training and at the same time You inspire sometimes lazy lnternet users to a healthy life have a nice and blessed weekend to You and Your wonderful Family...

IMPRESSIONANTE COMO É A COLHEITA DO ARROZ JAPONÊS na fronteira gaúcha 2024 New Holland 6090
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We are together like guaranteed rice in the market is easy but to reach us I always take my hat off to everyone in the Santa Maria RS agriculture area, gratitude always. Congratulations to the warrior farmers! Without them we wouldn't have the much-loved sushi or everyday rice. I even get emotional watching their fight! I'm a farmer, I know what they go through! Wow, how cool is the harvest, I'm from dry restinga very close to the headquarters of the Dickow mill in Acute. Good evening Cristiano, here at the Southern Waterfall, we are busy harvesting the rice, a hug for you from there.

899 Amazing Fastest Big Wood Sawmill Machines Working At Another Level
  • 11.04.2024
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Join us on an insightful journey as we delve into the world of wood processing, exploring the versatility and power of industry-leading machines that redefine craftsmanship. In this episode, we spotlight some of the most innovative debarking, chipping, bending, and shaping machines available on the market. Learn how each model, meticulously designed with operator ease in mind, contributes uniquely to the woodworking process, from handling logs of various sizes, and creating complex wood shapes, to producing firewood efficiently. We not only focus on their technical specifications but also emphasize their unique features that ensure a clean work environment. If you're passionate about transforming raw wood into artistry, or if you're just looking to understand the magic behind the process, this video is for you. Tune in and let's navigate the fascinating sphere of wood processing together!

Adorable Golden Retriever and Cat Shocked by Tiny Chick [Kitty Sees Him for the First Time]
  • 11.04.2024
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Sammy is definitely a little freaked out and irritated by the chick as it’s interfering with his and Buddy’s snuggle time. Buddy actually looked as if he were reassuring Sammy that the chick was totally cool and not to worry about it! I have no doubt that all 3 of them will be cuddled up and in a major love fest by tomorrow. This little chicken is so self-confident. It wants to make friends with Buddy and especially Sammy, his natural enemy. Fortunately Sammy doesn,'t realize that he is a natural enemy They are all three really amazing

INTERNATIONAL 1468 Tractor Plowing
  • 11.04.2024
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Big Tractor Power is in the field with a 133 pto hp INTERNATIONAL 1468 tractor powered by an IH DV550 V8 engine pulling a 6-bottom INTERNATIONAL 70 moulder plow. Viewers will follow this Red Power tillage team in the field and also learn about the tractor's production history and technical specifications. A V8 diesel at full song is beautiful music!!! Thank you for posting this video. We never used any V8 diesel's, but did use IH tractors. My granddad had a WD-9, a 600, and a 1206 that dad used. Then dad got a 1486. Later he upgraded to a CIH 9110. All good tractors.

Tips for Preventing Destructive Chewing in Dachshunds
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For those wondering how to give sausage dog play training, we can say that the toys and play style chosen are important in training dogs of this breed. These dogs are hunting dogs. They tend to see their toys as prey. Their hunting needs to be rewarded. It is necessary to show them the right prey. If they can play hunting games with their toys, they will not show hunting behavior in different places.

MOST CRAZY TRUCKS & 100 Impressive Industrial Machines Operating at Peak Efficiency
  • 11.04.2024
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Experience the extraordinary with "MOST CRAZY TRUCKS & 100 Impressive Industrial Machines Operating at Peak Efficiency!" Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure as we showcase the wildest trucks alongside a selection of industrial marvels finely tuned for maximum efficiency. From mind-boggling truck designs to cutting-edge industrial machinery, witness the fusion of innovation and productivity. Whether you're a truck enthusiast or fascinated by industrial efficiency, this video promises to exhilarate.

We made a whelping box for Coco Mini Dachshund.
  • 10.04.2024
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Hi, Eveline! Fred is so talented! I approve of the blanket’s color scheme. It matches The Girls perfectly! LouLou and Coco making the box all warm and family-smelling for those babies! I'll be curious to see how Mimi likes her nieces and nephews. So Nice ,Oma and Mother are waiting of the great Day !!!! I am so happy and wait off the next Genaration .greetings from Wiesbaden. Beautiful work on Coco's whelping box Eveline and Fred! Can't wait for the birth of Coco's three precious ones! So glad Loub approves of her daughter's whelping box made with love by her Mum and Dad.

  • 10.04.2024
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In this video Big Tractor Power is out in the field with big farm machines harvesting alfalfa to make feed for dairy cows. The video explains the mowing, merging, forage harvesting and storage process of haylage. Viewers get to see and hear these big machines at work. Watch for a 230 hp JOHN DEERE 7230R Tractor fitted with a 32ft PÖTTINGER NOVA CAT Alpha Motion Triple Mower, 250 hp OXBO 4334 Self Propelled Merger, 582 hp JOHN DEERE 7780 Pro Drive Forage Harvester, 375 hp JOHN DEERE Tractor 9320 Tractor with a GROUSER Blade and a 235 hp CASE INTERNATIONAL 9230 Tractor with an Agromatic Silage Packer.

Komatsu PC130F Excavator Climbing Down Slope and River Dam
  • 10.04.2024
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Yang begini harus jadi contoh, solidaritas sopir truck masyarakat aparat kepolisian saling membantu. Kelihatan Indonesia nya. As someone from the US watching, it's good to see everyone working well together no mater what the task at hand is. Hope everyone was ok and recovered. Stay safe and thanks for posting. That was nicely done, well planned and executed to be pompous. And the digger driver certainly knew what he was doing. Very nice recovery operation self loader truck and JCB JS205SC excavator MrZygy3

  • 10.04.2024
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In May 2022, 2 months before the official announcement of its new Prolanders, KUHN asked us to capture photos of the first PROLANDER 14000 in France. And not in any context since we are here in Gironde (33), in a circular plot of almost 120ha!! The floors were very dry, a lot of dust but that makes the images even more impressive! An incredible moment to discover on video on FARM RIDER!

Mini dachshund picks his favorite ball
  • 09.04.2024
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Mac deserves to pick and choose his favourite ball. Always fun to see Mac having fun. This is a very serious project for Mac️ If it rolls, he's all about it!! Peanut butter loved her tennis balls . BTW, I'm home from the hospital and resting. It looks like Mac likes all of the balls. Its just too hard to pick a favorite. Let's face it Mac, you love them all!! you can't have to many balls to chase! Love the way he waits for one to be thrown. So darn cute. My dachshund's favorite toy is an old sock with a knot tied in the center.