Caterpillar D25U with a Trackson shovel at work during the 2024 Chipping Steam Fair
  • 29.05.2024
  • 1078

Before hydraulics became the first choice for operating front-end equipment, it was either mechanically or winch operated; This Cat D2 was seen in action in the work area at this year's spectacular Chipping Steam Expo. Once the shovel is bent, the operator must carefully lower the bucket to the ground to prepare the latch for the next load.

Big Diger Liebherr R9350 Loading Dumper
  • 27.05.2024
  • 987

Excavator liebher loading pumper mantap . That's the way it is with mining... all tools are great. Not everyone can understand what these guys are doing. Special skills are required. The excavator lifts the material and the dozer pushes the material back where it came from, Super large projects...

Keystone Mine - Komatsu Dozer
  • 22.05.2024
  • 664

There was a mining company in West Virginia that owned and operated 8 of these huge Komatsu dozers. We have a book showing 2 of these d575a units running side by side and being pushed downhill. In total, they dosed about 180 cubic meters of rock and soil. We have to think about the diesel fuel cost of eight of these giant dozers working 10-hour shifts, 5 or 6 days a week. These machines were so good that they were discontinued a decade ago after Komatsu sold only 30 units in two decades.

How Caterpillar Went From A Local Company To A Billion Dollar Business
  • 20.05.2024
  • 336

We were in the Bay Area, just a few miles from the Caterpillar plant in San Leandro, CA. Only as I grew older did I realize that this was an industrial and valuable treasure. For several years I went to work for Wortham in Cheyenne and Casper, Peterson in Ca, McCoy in Denver, Wyoming Equipment in Cheyenne Beat, and Holt's head men in Stockton. It's always a great place to work. CAT is always reliable, you can trust it! It's hard and ready!

155 Top Grade Modern Agriculture Machines at Another Level
  • 17.05.2024
  • 377

These inventions are a testament to human creativity and our ability to overcome challenges through innovation and collaboration. When you watch this video, it is clear that technology has revolutionized every aspect of the agricultural sector, from seed to table. It can be inspiring to see how machines enable farmers to achieve greater efficiency and productivity while minimizing their environmental footprint. Modern tools not only increase agricultural productivity; they also increase the resilience and adaptability of agricultural systems around the world.

The 9 Most Amazing Heavy Equipment Machines in the World
  • 15.05.2024
  • 228

Each is a testament to human creativity and innovation that turns challenging tasks into smooth operations. Witness how they build our world, nourish our lands, and bring order to chaos. Whether making recycling easier or redefining forestry operations, these machines are pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Expect a mix of entertainment and education in our unique style. This is not just a video, it is an adventure into the heart of engineering marvels.

Trator de esteira D150 New Holland
  • 10.05.2024
  • 281

I wanted to work in one of these, it is quite appetizing, a full tank of acceleration is not enough for even 15 hours. May be more. These machines are very mechanical and reliable. Is there any information about the oil and fuel consumption of this machine? Construction machines always make life easier.

100 The Most Amazing Heavy Machinery In The World ▶ 3
  • 07.05.2024
  • 386

A heartfelt thank you to the operators who skillfully manage these mechanical giants. These machines are a testament to the transformative power of human ingenuity and perseverance. Expressing immense thanks to the heavy equipment engineers who envision and craft these machines, shaping the landscapes of progress. These machines are like the unsung heroes of progress, driving us towards a better and brighter future. The skill it takes to operate these machines is like a dance of expertise, turning complex tasks into elegant movements.

153 Impressive Industrial Machines Operating at Peak Efficiency
  • 06.05.2024
  • 602

These machines are the unsung heroes of modern society. I never knew I could be so captivated by industrial equipment. This video is a symphony of mechanical genius. The coordination of these machines is impressive beyond words. These machines are the embodiment of precision and efficiency. Watching this is like witnessing a technological ballet. This is oddly satisfying, like watching a perfectly executed plan.

157 Impressive Industrial Machines Operating at Peak Efficiency ▶1
  • 04.05.2024
  • 124

Makes you realize the importance of technology in shaping our world. Its like watching a well-choreographed performance. The engineering prowess on display here is awe-inspiring. Makes you appreciate the beauty in mechanical movements. The efficiency of these machines is just mind-blowing, This video is a reminder to cherish the simple moments in life. Thank you for sharing it. Gives a newfound appreciation for the products we use every day.

Caterpillar D10R Oops
  • 04.05.2024
  • 182

Ah, removing final drives. I have fond memories of it. Not that it was hard. Just some kind of a hoist and a long pipe bolted to the final to balance it off and on. The Deeres I worked on never had a problem from dirt wear. J.D. told us since the Cat tracks have to make 6 rotations per revolution instead of 4, there was 1/3rd more pin and bushing wear and also made the unit more top-heavy. I worked for J.D. Industrial about 8 years. Never applied at Cat. Glad it's all over, though. Too old, now.

33 Most Dangerous And Most Powerful Machines | Ingenious Tools And Equipment
  • 03.05.2024
  • 812

From massive excavators and bulldozers to towering cranes and gigantic dump trucks, these machines are the ultimate workhorses of the construction industry. See them in action as they dig, demolish, lift, and haul with unbelievable strength and precision. Whether you're a fan of heavy equipment or simply fascinated by the wonders of modern engineering, this video is sure to leave you in awe of these incredible machines.

100 Powerful Wood Forestry Machines: Heavy Equipment That Are on Another Level
  • 02.05.2024
  • 132

When it comes to forestry operations, the machinery involved is robust, specialized, and essential for efficient and effective work. From harvesters that navigate dense woods to mulchers that clear vast areas, the following list highlights 100 powerful wood forestry machines that showcase significant advancements in technology and capability: Harvesters John Deere 1270G: A wheeled harvester known for its agility and powerful harvesting head. Komatsu 931XC: 8-wheeled harvester with excellent stability and handling in rough terrains. Ponsse ScorpionKing: Features a unique crane and cabin design for superior visibility and comfort. CAT 501HD: Compact and versatile, ideal for thinning operations. Tigercat H855C: Known for its durability in harsh logging environments.

April 27, 2024
  • 01.05.2024
  • 174

Podwożenie palet i zasypywanie geokraty | Czarne Volvo EWR170E steelwrist X20 SQ60 PK1 RCM
  • 29.04.2024
  • 141

It appears that you are describing specific construction or road works activities that are performed using a Volvo excavator, model EWR170E, equipped with a Steelwrist X20 SQ60 quick attach system and possibly additional attachments such as a grading bucket, crocodile, or grapple. Lifting pallets and filling geogrids are typical activities on construction sites: Pallet trucking - may refer to the transportation of building materials such as paving stones, bricks, slabs, etc., which are typically delivered and carried on pallets. The use of the Volvo EWR170E allows these heavy loads to be moved quickly and efficiently over short distances on the construction site. Backfilling geogrids - geogrids are used to stabilize soil, prevent erosion, and strengthen the ground for roads or parking lots. The excavator can be used to evenly distribute and backfill the geogrid with appropriate material such as gravel, stones or soil. The EWR170E model is equipped with Steelwrist X20 SQ60 technology, which suggests that it has a quick tool change system (quick coupler), which significantly increases its versatility and efficiency on the construction site. Thanks to this, the operator can quickly switch between different tools such as buckets, hammers or grabs, without the need to manually change connections, which significantly speeds up the work.

150 Impressive Industrial Machines Operating at Peak Efficiency
  • 28.04.2024
  • 407

These machines are a testament to human ingenuity. I never knew heavy machinery could be so fascinating. The sheer scale of these machines is mind-boggling. Cant believe these machines are real. Absolutely mind-blowing! These machines are proof that the future is here. These machines are like something out of a futuristic movie.

Huge Caterpillar 994 Wheel Loader Loading Caterpillar 777F Dumpers - Samaras Mining Group
  • 27.04.2024
  • 824

You don't realize the true size of Wheel Loader until you see the tiny operator sitting in the cab several stories up. It is HUGE. The greatest video presentations ever, here on MMC. I've watched many of these videos of loaders, excavators, dozens etc, and have watched such videos for several years now,, and settled right here on MMC .. I'm satisfied here and watch no others. Good operator .... He operates steadily and doesn't abuse this machine ... He allows its awesome power and torque do its job, and let's gravity do the rest. Thnx for another great video MMC.

The Fastest train ever built | The complete physics of it
  • 26.04.2024
  • 124

Magnetically levitated trains are common nowadays. However, the MagLev train the Central Japan Railway Company developed is quite unique and superior to the other trains. Running at more than 600 km per hour, it has achieved the status of ‘fastest train.’ This train uses superconducting magnets, which is why it is called SC MagLev. Once charged with an exciting current, the superconducting magnets of this train produce a circulating DC current and strong magnetic field forever, with zero loss. Let’s understand more about this successfully tested train technology, which is projected to overtake other magnetic levitation technologies by the year 2027. The same technology is poised to connect New York city to Washington DC in just one hour by 2030.

155 Incredible Fastest Big Chainsaw Machines For Cutting Trees ►2
  • 25.04.2024
  • 625

Prepare to be amazed by the lightning-fast cutting prowess of the "155 Incredible Fastest Big Chainsaw Machines For Cutting Trees." Witness the sheer power and efficiency of these industrial marvels as they effortlessly tackle the toughest timber. Whether you're a forestry enthusiast or simply in awe of cutting-edge technology, this video promises an unforgettable experience. Join us as we showcase 155 instances where these chainsaw machines demonstrate their remarkable speed and precision, leaving viewers astounded by their efficiency. Don't miss out on this mesmerizing display of cutting-edge forestry equipment in action!

Using my self-built stone crusher plant
  • 25.04.2024
  • 573

Using a self-built stone crusher plant showcases impressive ingenuity and dedication. It must be incredibly rewarding to see it in action, crushing stones effectively. Kudos on such a fantastic DIY project! I have to admit, I never knew Mercedes made conveyor belt bases? It's nice they have those safety features of a hand brake and a transmission to put in gear. From the closing shot of the manufacturing video from a year ago - to the opening shot of this video has not gone unnoticed!! Superb as always!

The Best Operator ,DumpTruck Transport land And Bulldozer KOMATSU Fores And Clearing Land
  • 24.04.2024
  • 674

Nice little dozer plenty of power and manoverablity moving very quickly.I never fast forward, I am hooked on watching these videos. the truck emptying the dirt I wonder how they knew the truck was empty perfect timing and that bulldozer driver, what a great job he does, sometimes I think he is going to drive into the lake!! daredevil Excellent work by the camera operator to keep the view out in front of the dozer to watch the soil being laid out.

48 Impressive Industrial Machines Operating at Peak Efficiency
  • 24.04.2024
  • 638

Cant wait to see what kind of machines theyll have in 20 years, My brain cant even comprehend the level of engineering behind these beasts, whoaw that is soo fun too watch since Im still doing my best to drive really good. Never thought Id say this, but industrial machines are kinda mesmerizing.

Unbelievable! Caterpillar D6R XL Bulldozer Cutting Slopes and Plantation During Rainstorm
  • 23.04.2024
  • 594

Welcome to Bulldozer Jungle, our YouTube channel where we delve into the world of heavy machinery and land development. In this exciting video, we showcase the incredible capabilities of the D6R XL Bulldozer to optimize plantations and efficiently clear palm oil fields in mountainous terrain. Watch in awe as the D6R XL Bulldozer takes on the challenge of transforming steep and rugged mountain landscapes into productive oil palm plantations. Our experienced operators demonstrate precision and power as they navigate rough terrain, level the terrain, and keep environmental impact to a minimum.

INCREDIBLE ! 135 Biggest Wood Logging Truck Industrial Machines Operator Skill At Another Level
  • 22.04.2024
  • 977

Get ready to be amazed by the incredible display of skill and machinery with "INCREDIBLE! 135 Biggest Wood Logging Truck Industrial Machines Operator Skill At Another Level." Witness the jaw-dropping precision and efficiency of logging operations as operators navigate massive trucks through challenging terrain. Whether you're a forestry enthusiast or simply captivated by industrial prowess, this video promises a thrilling experience. Don't miss out on this breathtaking display of operator mastery and industrial machinery!

  • 22.04.2024
  • 379

OM AD5 GRANDE MACCHINA has an internal combustion engine, is very useful and has the ability to do a lot of work.

EP309,DumpTruck SHACMAN Unloading Rock Stuck In Water Take Bulldozer SHANTUI Push And Pull
  • 21.04.2024
  • 891

what was they guy there to guide the trucks doing when this truck backed in? sleeping? Not paying attention... What is with these dozer operators creating a slop towards the water vs a flat surface or slightly in inclined so and the dump trucks will pack. That slope towards the water at the water's edge contributed to that truck being stuck. Also wit a flat surface half the truck's load will fall into the water which helps the dozer operator to finish it off faster.

1955 Caterpillar Traxcavator 955 12A
  • 20.04.2024
  • 837

I got 2 just like this, 955 12a Mine has both pony motor and electric start. Ran one of them every day up until 2008. Rock quarrying. Got enough parts laying around to build another one.. If working on them better know. Some used d4 under carriage some used d6 . If you install wrong chains on sprockets they will not last no time. And no a 955h was not better. It would not last near as long under hard loads. I got all the books on these. The 955 12A also came with a dozier blade which swapped out with bucket.

cat d8
  • 20.04.2024
  • 760

D8T dozer increases your dozing productivity up to 18% without using more fuel. Watch the D8 bulldozer move more material in less time, at a lower cost per ton, so you get a faster payback on your equipment investment. New fully automatic 4-speed transmission makes it easy for bulldozer operators to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency without having to manage gear shifts. Factory integrated GRADE technology options like GPS help you get quality work done even faster.

Odd Jobs and D11 Bulldozer Repairs | Workshop | Vlog 265
  • 19.04.2024
  • 404

The Leatherman always comes to the rescue. Great video thanks for sharing I remember those temporary fixes lasted until the next time I had to fix it and I decided to do it a little better than last time. Bhaco make a great all on one kit I would have had mine close to 15 years and it has taken a fair amount of abuse , not quite sidcrome quality but it’s not far behind, fits in the round baler and has saved me a lot of trips back to the main shed , thanks for sharing Matt . Recommend getting a makita powered soldering iron. Works a treat even in the wind where the gas ones struggle. They are aftermarket irons that suit makita or Milwaukee batteries...